Free TikTok Backgrounds

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Free YouTube Template Illustrator File

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Free YouTube template design

You can download the template here. This can be imported into After Effects and the blank spaces replaced with real videos and images and the text can be replaced with your own text also.

Free Storyboard Template

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Free Storyboard Template

This is an InDesign file meant to act as a document for the full storyboard to peruse through as pages. So once you have create the graphics as illustrator artboards, you can export them out as JPGs or PNGs and import them into the InDesign document here and organise the story with descriptions.

Free Smart Devices Vector

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After Effects Basics Tutorial

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Free Illustrator Grids

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Free Illustrator Grid Templates

Our designers have created a set of illustrator grid templates in 16:9. They are ready to use in video projects (and/or more if desired). They can be imported as is into Adobe After Effects. Once imported inside the composition, each individual layer is a white solid and can be set as a track matte to an image or video. The result will be a perfect grid.

Download the templates here:




1 x 1920 x 1080 2×2 grid

1 x 4K 2×2 grid

1 x 1920 x 1080 3×3 grid

1 x 4K 3×3 grid

1 x 1920 x 1080 4×4 grid

1 x 4K 4×4 grid

1 x 1920 x 1080 5×5 grid

1 x 4K 5×5 grid




Is Co-Working worth it for freelancers?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Is Co-Working worth it for freelancers?

One of the main elements to working in the freelance world is working at home or working alone. Whilst this can be great in most cases, it can also be lonely and very isolating. All freelancers will know this feeling at some point in their career and writing this during the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is an especially pertinent time as most will have been working from home since the very first lockdown.

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How to create the infinite floor look in Cinema 4D

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Free 3D rigged Rubik's cube

Free 3D Rigged Rubik’s Cube Model and Tutorial

Reading Time: 16 minutes

This is a great method to create a free 3D rigged Rubik’s Cube model in Cinema 4D. The original concept was created by Sabuhi in his awesome speed tutorial on Vimeo here and it was adapted by Ryan Gibson with his tutorial here:

a backfocus chart on a grey background

Backfocus chart

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A backfocus chart is a black and white pattern usually on a piece of paper or card used for adjusting lens focus. Specifically by changing the values on the backfocus. Different backfocus charts can have varying levels of detail on them but the main purpose is focus related.

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